Let's start a Central Coast Farmworker Appreciation Day in Salinas, CA!

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Let's start a Central Coast Farmworker Appreciation Day in Salinas, CA!
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The movement to create healthy communities begins with appreciation. We want to create a day where we not only express gratitude to the hardworking people who put food on our plates, but also educate the community about the connections between food, climate change, and health. 


Why is this important?

Salinas, CA is considered to be the “salad bowl of the world”. Farmworkers are among the hardest workers in the U.S. and yet have the lowest wages and least protections. Supporting this vulnerable, yet valuable population is a great way to educate the community about the connections between climate change, the industrial food system, and community health issues. 

While appreciation is the first step in advocating for farmworker rights, creating a community that grows and consumes more local organic and/or pesticide-free fruit, nuts, and vegetables, and eats less meat, is a solution to climate change, health issues, and creates more economic empowerment for farmworkers and their families. 

We need to connect “the idea of agriculture as a solution to climate change to powerful social movements around food and land. La Via Campesina is an international organization of peasants and farmers throughout the world, representing the demands for land and the rights to food and food sovereignty. Farmer to farmer training programs could be expanded. Social movements around food, land, water, seeds, credit, and livelihoods could also play a catalytic role. Mobilizing activists and leaders with these ideas is the energy we need to make Regenerative Organic Agriculture an essential element in solving climate change* 

The Rodale Institute is a think tank and research firm for organic and sustainable agriculture and has recently tested how organic agriculture can help solve climate change. According to Rodale's study, "Regenerative Organic Farming: A Solution to Global Warming," fields of fruits and vegetables that were grown organically and sustainably sequestered much more carbon from the air than conventionally grown produce, and if regenerative agriculture were practiced on all 3.5 billion tillable acres of land in the world, could sequester 40 percent of total CO2 emissions. What is more, they argue that regenerative agriculture would not experience a decrease in yields or farmer profits! Regenerative Organic Agriculture lets nature fix climate change itself.*


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  • Tom L. 2014-03-29 23:32:17 -0400
    We depend upon them for our agricultural production system, yet pretend to ignore their human needs.
  • Victoria M. 2014-03-26 18:37:20 -0400
    I believe that our farmworkers need to validated and recognized.for their hard work. We need to honor our farm workers and give them thanks for all they do to contribute to this city, county, state and country. God bless our farmworkers.
  • Martinez S. 2014-03-26 14:40:11 -0400
    Food Justice is our Right


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